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[ball]Our story began a little more than 20 years ago, when my husband, Rey, and I bought our first home in Lubbock, TX. I felt no home was complete without a dog so I checked out several all breed books and soon decided a Chow was the perfect dog for us. Even though Rey is not a so-called "dog person" he agreed and within a few weeks, I purchased "Candie" from a local backyard breeder.

[Rey and Sherell Thomas]

[ball]Candie proved to be a tough cookie. Within a few months I knew we had to do something about her behavior. Off we went to the South Plains Obedience Training Club of Lubbock classes. The classes were so much fun, I decided to continue training and join the club.

[ball]During this time my interest in conformation began to peak. I happened to hear a commercial on the radio about a dog show coming to Lubbock and decided to go. Once there, I quickly found out that my precious Candie looked nothing like the Chows there. The other thing I realized just as quickly was that dog shows were fun. The members of the Lubbock, Texas Chow Chow Club, headed by Virgil Brantley, took me under their wings and taught me all about Chows. I joined their club and later joined the Heart of the Plains Kennel Club.

[ball]I soon started getting my feet wet in both the obedience and conformation rings. I even purchased an Afghan Hound puppy, who we named "Blondie". Blondie was not show quality, but had the distinction of being my first obedience titled dog in 1983. Candie followed with her CD title in 1985. In early 1985, I purchased a Chow puppy bitch from Steve and Wendy Kobrzycki, named "Chubbie". A year later, I had my first champion, Ch. Koby's Agent Provocateur.

Rapper's Delite, CD

[ball] During the late 80's and early 90's I concentrated more on conformation. Those years produced a BIS winner, champions and another obedience title. While at the shows, another breed caught my eye, the Bouvier des Flandres. The strength, beauty and intelligence were very evident in this breed even from ringside. I started making general inquiries about the breed over the next few years. Finally in 1992, I purchased my first Bouvier, "Moxie," from Frank and Betsy Midkiff.

[ball]The Mid 90's to the present have been filled with more performance titles with both my Bouviers and Chows. Obedience, herding, agility and more. Our newest addition, Lillie, is a beautiful "Dylen" puppy from Wilbert and Sandra Reid. With her beauty, energy and intelligence, she's sure to keep us busy in the show and performance rings for some time.

[ball]There never seems to be enough time or opportunities to thank all the people who have kept me afloat in this dog game. Here are just a few: My husband, Rey, though not a "dog person," supports my dog habit; win or lose. The Brantley's (Virgil, Irene, Mike and Linda) for starting and keeping me in Chows. The members of the South Plains Obedience Training Club of Lubbock; especially Caroline Handl, who got me started and Joann Neal, who keeps me training. The Heart of the Plains Kennel Club and all the many friends I've made along the way. See you all at the next dog show!

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