[ball]Ch Lamadero's Osa Von Blouche, CGC, UD, NA, NAJ, VBCh, HIC, W-BBFD-HTM[ball]

Ch Tandamar's Just Jake X Ch Delaney Von Blouche

Breeder: Francis N Midkiff & Elizabeth P. Midkiff

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[ball] Championship 1994

[ball]High In Trial ABdF National Specialty 1996

[ball]Companion Dog title 1997

[ball]#8 Obedience Bouvier 1997 (class placements)

[ball]ABdFC Versatility Bouvier Basic 1997

[ball]Companion Dog Excellent title 1998

[ball]#4 Obedience and #7 Agility Bouvier 1998 (class placements)

[ball]ABdFC Versatility Bouvier Excellent 1998

[ball]Novice Agility title 1998

[ball]Novice Agility Jumpers title 1999

[ball]#10 Agility Bouvier 1999 (class placements)

[ball]Utility title 2000

[ball]#7 Obedience Bouvier 2000 (class placements)

[ball]World Canine Freestyle Organization, Inc. (WCFO) Bronze Bar Heelwork-to-Music title 2001

[ball]ABdFC Versatility Bouvier Champion 2001

[ball]Therapy Dog

[ball]Herding Instinct Certificate

[ball]Canine Good Citizen


[ball]Ch. Lamadero's Smokn' Gun by Dylen, CD, NA, NAJ, NAJP, VBB, CGC[ball]

Ch Dylen La Petite Colline, CD X Ch Utah-Brooklyn V.D. Lage Banken, CD

Breeder: Rae-Seong Chang & Eun S. Chang

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[ball]"Lillie's" our newest member of the Lamadero family. She's intelligent, energetic and has a bright future in the show and performance rings.

[ball]Novice Agility title 2001

[ball]#8 Agility Bouvier 2001 (Front and Finish)

[ball]Novice Agility Jumpers title 2002

[ball] Championship 2002

[ball]ABdFC Versatility Bouvier Basic 2002

[ball]2003 ABdFC National Specialty - High In Trial

[ball]2003 ABdFC National Specialty - High Scoring Champion

[ball]2003 ABdFC National Specialty Multi Level Performance Award Winner

[ball]Companion Dog title 2003

[ball]Novice Agility Jumpers Preferred title 2003

[ball]Canine Good Citizen

[ball]Therapy Dog

[ball]Novice Agility Preferred title 2004

[ball]Open Agility Jumpers Preferred title 2005

[ball]Open Agility Preferred title 2005

[ball]Companion Dog Excellent title 2006

[ball]#3 First and Foremost Obedience Bouvier 2006 (Front and Finish)

[ball]Rally Advanced title 2006

[ball]Rally Excellent title 2006

[ball]Excellent Agility Jumper Preferred title 2007

[ball]AHBA Herding Capability Test - s title 2007

[ball]Rally Advanced Excellent title 2007

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